Tanzanite as a wedding ring?

Here is one of our latest questions on Tanzanite as a wedding or every day ring. This is a very common concern and it is fun to know how to wear any ring every day.

Hi there

Is this Tanzanite piece ok to wear daily, for everyday use as an engagement ring! In the shower etc? Also is the price negotiable?


Tanzanite can be worn as a wedding ring but it is a little higher maintenance. You will have to clean it more with distilled water, mild dish soap and cool hair dryer. A shower is a great place to clean the colored stone rings if you have a toothbrush and liquid soap handy for scrubbing. Colored stones like these will look a little different when dirty, but they are easy to clean after you do it a few times. Diamond rings will get dull too if they are worn all the time so the cleaning is the key. I would not wear any ring while your gardening or working around hard objects do to stone or prong damage, especially Tanzanite rings because they can get chipped or broken more easily. Let me know if you have any other questions or call anytime.

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