We are amazed at how companies are selling computer pictures and not real jewelry. We think you should know exactly what is going to show up at your door when your investing 100’s or thousands of dollars. The paragraph below is to a new customer of ours that was trying to decide whether to buy a cad image or one of our real rings.

The rings from (online jewelry company) are all computer images and not real rings. All the sapphires shown on their site are dull and either heavily treated or possessing low saturation, which are important qualities in the valuation process. Also, they will have to put each ring together then ship it in 4-10 days and you do not know the quality until you receive it. Our pictures are of the actual ring you will receive and they are shipped in 24 hours via 1 day express mail (to your address in 1-2 days from payment).

We will also size your ring with the purchase so let me know what size you will need. We would never suggest buying any ring online without seeing the actual gemstone first. We will guarantee that our untreated sapphire is superior quality to any of the sapphires that (online jewelry company) show in the 1000 or under range. In Fact, they would charge over 2000.00 for the same quality sapphire we show in our pictures.

These online companies are trying to sell huge quantities by showing general computer images and not photographing the actual individual products like Merritt Jewelry does. We would rather sell “One of a Kind” rings one at a time and if that means fewer are sold that is OK by us. All our rings will come with insurance appraisals that are done by certified appraisers for international and US insurance companies.
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