The best Jewelry Loupes

The International School of Gemology (ISG) that we at Merritt Jewelry are members of has the most interesting and informative weekly classes. These weekly reminders make ISG as good or better than any school in the industry. Here is a part of the latest weekly schooling from the ISG.

It is perhaps the single most important tool in gemology, other than the gemologist’s brain. It is: the Jeweler’s Loupe. A 10x power house of gemological evaluation, when used in the hands of an experienced gemologist. All too often, however, new students and those not well experienced will rush out to eBay to find a cheap loupe, thinking that all 10x loupes must be made equal. Well, that is not the case and today I thought we would compare a cheap 10x loupe with a proper 10x Triplet Loupe.

The concept of the triplet is a what makes jewelers loupes different from regular magnifying glasses. The combination of lenses corrects for aplanatic and achromatic aberrations. Simply stated, this special combination of lenses allows the field of view to be totally in focus all the way across the lens viewing area, and prevents false colors from skewing the color of the gemstone being viewed. Let’s compare our triplet 10x loupe with our cheap 10x loupe.

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