Here is the latest class from our Insurance Certified jewelry appraisal school. At ISG they take the appraisal of jewelry very seriously as do we here at Merritt Jewelry.

You are asked to do an appraisal on a homeowner’s collection of jewelry. They want to watch the work being done. When you get the jewelry you find you have a huge assortment of cluster rings, fancy cut gemstones, expensive watches and more. How do you get accurate weight estimates in the most efficient and expedient means possible?

Tonight in Part 1 of our series no jewelry evaluation and appraisal we are going to take a look at some methods to perform accurate weight estimations with an eye on the clock. It’s not a matter of fast, it’s a matter of accurate measurement that can be done quickly. I am going to teach our ISG Students the requirements to properly perform an insurance appraisal that will protect the client and the appraiser.

Whether you are an ISG RG or RGA, or an ISG student just getting going, you will not want to miss this important edition of the NEW and IMPROVED…ISG Journey Thru Gemology.

I urge all active ISG Students and Graduates to join us tonight at the new ISG Journey Thru Gemology and learn more about this important new development in ISG learning. Access is through the ISG Community Forums Board, or the ISG Student Home Page!

Warm Regards,
Patrick CEO
Merritt Jewelry

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