Merritt Jewelry is always striving to find the best quality natural gemstones on the market. Our ISG (international school of Gemology) training is the key to separating the fakes from the natural and here is a few words from our ISG on Tanzanite. One of the most beautiful and rarest gemstones in the world. Below are some notes form school-

It’s a gemstone that amazes customers and creates its own sales presentation. It’s also among the rarest of gemstones in both optical property and availability. It has never been created in a lab, but it has some serious emulators that can fool even the best of gemologists unless they are aware of the correct separation methods. But there is a sinister side to this gemstone’s market. As we have seen in many others, there are gemstone cookers who have figured out how to get artificial color enhancements in off-color zoisite to create tanzanite.

Tonight, we will not only celebrate this amazing gemstone and look at some easy methods to separate it from its imitations, we will also take a look at the color infused zoisite that creates what must be termed “lab-generated” tanzanite, and how to identify this artificially colored version. While somewhat rare, they are on the market and the ISG was the first to discover them. Tonight, we will cover that story and the gemstone cookers behind it.

We will keep you posted on the continued quest for clarity in the Tanzanite industry.
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